We offer TERRITORIAL LICENCES that guarantee sole production and distribution rights to an agreed area. This allows our licensees to dominate the local market with totally original designs.

We offer you exclusive sole rights to manufacture and distribute our designer garden collection in your designated area.
We will not sell any of our exclusive moulds to anyone else within your area.

It is also possible to subdivide your territory, selling areas and moulds sub dealers, so long as you stay within your assigned territory.

What is a Territory?

A Territory is a mutually agreed region for you to trade and manufacture in. For example, it could be a county, city, part of a major city, a state or part of a state or even a whole country. Each potential Licensee will discuss this matter personally as each case will always be different. Basically, the aim is for you to have a large enough workable market. Remember this allocated region will be secured by a legally binding Territorial Agreement.

What do I get?

An Exclusive Territory, guaranteed in a legally binding and straightforward document. There is no cost for the Agreement other than a commitment to regularly purchase our moulds and keep your territory active. We can email you a draft Exclusive Territory Agreement for your consideration.

If you decide to become a Licensed Dealer, each party keeps a copy of the signed document and you then choose your own selection of moulds from our range of Exclusive moulds at an agreed Dealer Discount price.

Training manuals and support on all manufacturing aspects at any time, ongoing advice after sale.
Automatic access to new Exclusive mould designs.

Your own Custom designs, made to your specifications.

Do I have have a territory?

If you wish to select only moulds from our extensive range of UNLICENSED molds - from our BackyardKitz and Mix & Match categories - then you do not require a territory. These mold ranges may be sold to anybody, anywhere, on a casual basis.

How do I know if I can do this?

Anyone can do this. After a very short learning curve you will be making and finishing ornaments good enough to sell at very good profits. Manufacturing concrete products is so easy. With our easy-to-follow instruction booklets and support from our expert team you cannot possibly go far wrong. We will give you special tips and as much information as possible to make you leaders in ornamental concrete manufacture.

Where do I go from here?

Contact us in order to discuss any queries you may have. Tell us a little about yourself, some background and (important for us) your location and full contact details. If you have some idea of your preferred mold designs or styles, then please also let us know.

Fill out our Getting Started Form by clicking here and we will email and phone you with any information you need to know.