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You'll be flying high and making lots of money making a range of concrete bird baths with our tough, bolted fiberglass molds. Easy to demould and finish in coloured washes or plain concrete. Combine with one of our other Mix and Match kits for a complete landscaping business idea! You can purchase the full set of 6 birdbath tops and 4 bases making a possible 24 combinations and styles. Purchasing the full set is the most economical and versatile option. You also have the option of a half set - choose 3 birdbath tops and 2 bases - or start with just one bird bath and add to your catalogue later. For half sets or single birdbath options choose your preferred tops and bases combination from our drop-down menu.
Minimum total purchase is $US250. Shipping costs estimated at 30% of moulds purchase.  Freight will be quoted according to customers choice of transport - Airfreight, Overland by Truck or Sea Freight.


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