Frequently Asked Questions

Cement Moulds

What are the moulds made of?

How are the moulds made?

Are they easy to use?

How long do they last?

Is moulding a simple process?

Backyard Kitz

Where can I sell the ornaments?

How much do I have to spend?

Is moulding easy?

Will I need to operate from a factory to run my home craft business?

Is this a full time or part time operation?

Will I be able to get raw materials?

How are ornaments made?

How do I get special finishes on the ornaments?

Ice Occasions

How are Ice Sculptures made?

Can I make them and store for later use?

Do I need a crane for lifting?

How do I pay for my purchases?

How long will Ice statues last while on display?

Is it easy to make Ice sculptures from the moulds?

What do I need to get started making clear ice sculptures?

What is a Freezer Mould?

What is a Machine Mould?